Time To Revolutionise Your Period

Your Period

Do you know what is in your period products?

Many period products contain nasty chemicals like chlorine, bleach, pesticides, rayon and dyes as well as single use plastics. Many of these items are extremely bad for both your health and the environment. 

At It's Your Period, we offer you another option because your health and the environment deserve better. All the products we sell put your health and the environment first.

Organic Pads V Conventional Pads

The worlds first organic tampon


Charity / Let's talk periods

At It's Your Period we not only wanted to make health and the environment the focus of our business, but also change the way society looks at periods. A period shouldn't be a shameful experience. So we decided to profit share with charities & groups fighting period poverty and those helping change the conversation. 

Having a period should not be taboo and as a society we shouldn’t be scared of talking about it. We want to support any organisations or individuals fighting to break the taboo. Please get in contact with us, so we can see how we can support you and your work. #screwthetaboo


Proud to be part of the Environmestrual Coalition