What Are The Signs That You Need A Monthly Period Box?

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It happens to all of us. The dreaded moment you realise that your period is starting...And you weren't quite expecting it. The surprise monthly gift that you can't return for a refund because you've been given one before. 

And the worst thing about this unexpected intrusion is that it won't wait for you to finish your jobs, have a sit down and deal with it properly. It arrives and BOOM! You're up, kid.

Some women seem to take this all in their stride. They simply pop to the loo with their bag, which no doubt contains an assortment of tampons and pads they've had ready for days, and emerge a few minutes later, a model of period perfection. 

The rest of us don't quite manage it like that. So what are the signs that you need to step from menstruation madness into period perfection?

1)  You know the shortest route to the period aisle of all your local supermarkets, chemists and corner shops. In big supermarkets, you also know the quickest way to the toilets from the checkout because you've done the panicky dash a few too many times.

2)  You have an "emergency" tampon sliding around the bottom of your bag that's been there, quite literally, for years. It's now so battered that it probably wouldn't work properly if you did use it. You also know that you will never, ever use it because a) it's really battered, mucky and possibly useless, b) there might be a bigger period emergency in the future that you should save it for and c) it became your emergency tampon in the first place because you don't like using it. 

3)  You've mastered your toilet-roll-folding technique that allows you to do the supermarket dash (see point 1). You know exactly how much you need for optimum absorbency that doesn't make walking near impossible or give you a weird bulge you'd rather not explain.  

4)  You know exactly who in your office you can borrow tampons or pads from. You know who you feel guilty asking because you borrow more from them than they do from you and who uses products that aren't your personal preference.

5)  You plan your wardrobe around what doesn't show blood. You favour dark jeans. The idea of white trousers pushes your anxiety levels through the roof. You have an ever increasing collection of "period pants" i.e. slightly stained knickers you wear at that time of the month. Any nice underwear you get is saved for the week after you finish so you don't accidentally ruin them. 

6)  Every month you vow that next month you will be more organised so it doesn't happen again. And every month as soon as your period finishes, life has other ideas. You get caught up in the daily dramas and buying period products slips to the bottom of the list. Then before you know it, it's BOOM, you're up kid all over a-bloody-gain.  

So what to do? 

Well, at It's Your Period we feel your pain. As the old saying goes - it takes one to know one. We've been there. 

And when we finished soaking our black skinny jeans (almost blood-proof), we come up with a solution.

A period subscription service, but with a twist.

So, you choose what period products you want in your first box. Maybe 15 regular tampons, a few regular pads for near the end and some long pads for during the night. That gets sent to you, arriving a week before you start. You pop it in your bag and hey presto, you've become the period perfection woman. Life is good. 

Now here's the twist - two weeks before you said you wanted your second box, we send you an email to check the contents of the next box. Not only is this a little reminder that you might be starting soon, but if you decide maybe you could do with a few super tampons this time, you just let us know and we add that to your box. Then we send it to you, you pop it in your bag and once again you're making this period malarkey look simple. 

So, if you like the sound of period perfection and want to give it a go for yourself, have a look at our subscription boxes, right here on this very website.

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