Menstrual Cup Starter Packs

Trying a menstrual cup for the first time can be a little bit daunting, so we at It's Your Period have put together Starter Packs to make things that little bit easier.

No last minute dash to the shops, no stockpiling different absorbency pads or tampons. Menstrual Cups free you from having to throw away used products or carry bulky spares (whether smuggled up your sleeve as you head to the toilet or taking up backpack space on your travels).

  •  12 Leak Free Hours (Sleep easy nights)
  •  Chemical Free (No dryness, no infections)
  •  Comfortable, easy to use and body friendly
  •  Ultra hygienic and anti-bacterial menstrual cup for a healthy period 
  •  Made from medical grade silicone that is safe for your body
  •  Last years, not hours - Saving a FORTUNE and extremely eco-friendly  
  • Worldwide delivery

Size Guide



Size A - Recommend for a light or regular flow, or a C - section birth.

Size B - Recommended for a heavier flow or if you have given birth vaginally.

For more info on sizes - click here