Mooncup Menstrual Cups

Mooncup: the original, trusted, soft silicone menstrual cup. The reusable Mooncup is designed to last for many years and is a simple way to manage your period.

    Choosing Your Size

    MC_sizea                                                               MC_sizeb

    Choose size A if you:                                                              Choose size B if you:
     - Are 30 or over                                                                      - Are under 30 & have not given birth vaginally                                                                         - Have given birth vaginally whatever your age

    Mooncups are:

    - Made from soft, medical-grade silicone             - Holds 3 x the blood of a regular tampon
    - Doesn't cause vaginal dryness                               - Unique telephone and email Advice Service
    - Mooncup Ltd is ISO 13485 certified                      - No latex / No plastic / No dyes / No bleaches / No toxin / No perfumes /No BPA
    - Happy Planet, Happy Purse