About us

Did you know that most of the tampons and pads you can buy in the supermarket are made by companies that test on animals?

Did you know that one packet of pads is 90% plastic? That's 4 carrier bags worth of plastic in every single packet.

Did you know that the average woman uses approx 11,000 tampons or pads in her life and most of these products take centuries to biodegrade?

Did you know some pads have known cancer-causing chemicals in them?*


As a couple of friends, we started It’s Your Period because we realised that finding period products that don’t have a negative impact on your health, animals or the environment is really difficult.

We learnt about all the terrible chemicals that go into the products you might buy in the supermarket and we thought it wasn’t right that these products are the only options a lot of people have.

It’s Your Period is designed to give another option to anyone who wants a healthier, environmentally friendly solution to periods.

We sell menstrual cups, which are a wonderful environmentally friendly, plastic free alternative to tampons and pads. They are reusable, so you can save loads of money too. We also sell 100% organic cotton tampons and pads that are plastic free and don't contain any nasty chemicals and are completely vegan.

We want to make periods with tampons and pads a lot less hassle: we know the irritation of having to buy multiple packets of different products when you only really want a few of each, or just making do with one type of product and hoping it is versatile enough to cover all your needs.

So we don't just sell shop boxes, we sell boxes of multiple period products that matches your personal needs. So you can pick what's right for you.

At It's Your Period, we not only wanted to make health and the environment the focus of our business, but also change the way society looks at the period. A period shouldn't be a shameful experience.

So we decided to give 2% of our profit to period charities fighting period poverty and helping change the conversation. 

Having a period should not be taboo and as a society we shouldn’t be scared of talking about it. We want to support any organisations or individuals fighting to break the taboo. Please get in contact with us, so we can see how we can support you and your work.


*chemical analysis commissioned by Women's Voices of the Earth, August 2014