Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup Twin Pack - Large (Without Applicator)

  • £22.99

Large Enna Cycle Twin Pack

    • RRP £24.95 - Save today
    • Made from medical grade biodegradable silicone
    • Free from chemical substances 
    • Comes with two Enna cups 
    • Includes sterilising box for cleaning, which can also be used for storage
    • 12 leak free hours - Wear it overnight (no more getting up)
    • Doesn't modify the vaginal PH 
    • Doesn't dry out the vagina like tampons do
    • Comfortable, easy to use and body friendly
    • Last up to 10 years - Save a FORTUNE 
    • Extremely eco-friendly - No more waste 
    • Worldwide Shipping - with discreet packaging
    • Delivery times: UK  2 - 3 working days / Europe 4 - 6 working days / North America 4 - 10 working days / Rest of world 6 - 12 working days
    • Profit sharing - We donate part of our profit to help women in poverty around the world use menstrual cups.

    Easy to use:

    To use the Enna Cycle, there are multiple different ways of folding the menstrual cup. 


    Storage / Sterilising Box

    The unique storage case provides a secure place to store your Enna Cycle Cup. In addition, you can regularly sterilise your Enna Cycle Cup by adding a small amount of water to the storage cup and placing it in the microwave for approximately 1 minute until the water boils. By fitting the lid side on you can safely pour out the excess water once cooled. Your menstrual cup will now be sterilised.


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