OrganiCup Sister Pack - Buy 2 x Organicups & save 10%

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OrganiCup is the award winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons.

  •  12 Leak Free Hours (No period-worries during the day or night)
  •  Chemical Free (No dryness, no infections)
  •  Comfortable, easy to use and body friendly
  •  Ultra hygienic and anti-bacterial menstrual cup for a healthy period 
  •  Made from medical grade silicone that is safe for your body
  •  Last years, not hours - Saving a FORTUNE and extremely eco-friendly 
  •  Vegan certified  
  •  It's Your Period Exclusive Offer - Buy 2 Organicups and save an extra 10% (buy with a friend or sister & save money)

Comes in two sizes:

Size A - For women who haven't given birth.

Size B - For women who have given birth.

Discreetly packaged direct to your letterbox. Shipping 2 -3 working days

Worldwide Shipping Available


Size A / Size B
Diameter: 40 mm / 45 mm
Total Height: 65 mm / 70 mm
Capacity: 25 ml / 30 ml
Material: 100% medical grade silicone
Color: Natural (without any color additives)

Cotton carrying pouch included.

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Beginner Tips

Menstrual cups have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Most menstrual cup users will recommend it and say they consider the menstrual cup the best answer to their period management.
The learning curve however, can be a bit more tedious than that of pads and tampons. So, if you’ve tried a menstrual cup once or twice and are already thinking “this does not work for me” don’t give up just yet! After a couple of cycles of trial-and-error, most menstrual cup users will figure it out by trying different folding and insertion techniques and thereby becoming permanent menstrual cup converts!

So, how do you use your Organicup menstrual cup?

First step, RELAX!

Schedule a day where you can stay at home and relax to try out your Organicup for the first time. Taking a shower before or while trying to insert it the first time can be a good idea, as your pelvic floor muscles will be relaxed and therefore making insertion of the menstrual cup easier.


Find a position for inserting the Organicup – you can either lie down on your back, squat down, sit on the toilet or simply stand up. You will find the position that works best for you over time!
Fold your Organicup with your preferred folding technique and insert! (we recommend the punch down fold or 7-fold since these folds will have the smallest diameter). When inserting the Organicup, keep it angled downwards towards your tail bone.
When the entire menstrual cup is inside of you, simply remove your fingers and let it pop open. Sometimes a “pop” or suction sound can be heard which means that the Organicup has folded out completely. If in doubt, reach up and feel around the base of the menstrual cup – it should be round or oval once inserted. If you feel any dents or folds on the base with your finger, it means that it has not folded out. Remember to use water or water based lubricant to make insertion easier.

When in place, try to pull the stem a bit. If you feel some resistance, the vacuum has been created and the Organicup has been placed successfully!

Women with a strong pelvic floor muscle or high cervix will experience that the Organicup naturally finds its own optimal position after insertion. Some women also find that the Organicup will “sit” high in the cervix after insertion which is totally fine, however, removal may take more practice.

A good tip when inserting the Organicup is to relax your jaw muscles – believe it or not, relaxing your jaw affects your pelvic floor muscles as well.

If you find the stem uncomfortable after a couple of tries, you can cut it shorter. Some women remove the stem completely from their menstrual cup.


When it’s time to remove the Organicup, you should start by washing your hands and relax your pelvic floor muscles. Then either sit down on the toilet seat or squat as this will shorten your vaginal canal and push the cup further down, making it easier to reach and remove.
Try to remove the Organicup while taking a shower to avoid a possible mess. When reaching the stem of the Organicup, simply break the seal by squeezing the bottom until you hear the vacuum releasing itself. Then gently “wiggle” the cup back and forth until it has been completely removed.
Empty the contents into the toilet and wash the menstrual cup with cold running water and make sure to clean the air holes as well before reinserting.


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